Blog relaunch: where have i been?

This is not a drill!  Mental Health Bites is back!

It’s hard to believe that it has been more than 12 months since I last wrote a blog post – and you’d be quite right to ask me “where the heck have you been?” and also “where have all the old blog posts gone?”.  Today I will be taking some time to address these questions.

The blog has been down since December 2018 – I know, that’s a long time.  When I took down the blog (and my main website, I did so with the intention of revamping and updating the design.  The blog had gained more attention than I had expected it to, (as was shown by my being a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2018) and accordingly I felt it was time that I upped my game and made the website even better.

At the time I took the website down, I was expecting to take 3 weeks off from work for a minor medical procedure and I thought that sitting at my laptop working on the redesign would be a welcome distraction.  Little did I know that the result of the minor medical procedure’s findings were that I needed a much larger surgery.  Unfortunately, I had to wait around 6 months to have this surgery and the interim treatment made me feel pretty rubbish!  I eventually had the surgery in July 2019 and have spent the best part of the next 6 months recuperating and building my stamina back up.  I’m glad to say the surgery went as well as it possibly could have done and I am feeling healthier than I have in years – with huge thanks going to the NHS and especially to my very skilled surgeon.

When I eventually returned to work in December, I was devastated to find that during my absence my website hosting package (the interface that allows me to bring this website to you) had not auto-renewed – which basically means that I lost everything!  Luckily I do have back ups of most of the old posts.  However, after much deliberation I have decided that there isn’t much point in spending hours reposting the old content because much of it will now be out of date.

What this means is that I now have this shiny new and totally empty blog site – and I am basically starting again.  You can still expect to see lots of the same stuff from me; the latest mental health and Eating Disorder news and information, awareness raising posts, and answering readers common questions as well as posts sharing details on the Eating Disorder events that I am running.  I also have some exciting projects up my sleeve (well, I think they are exciting, anyway!) and I want to expand the content that I write about too.

Starting back at ZERO means that it is going to take me some time to get the site fully populated and Google will no longer know that I exist.  Therefore I would be immensely grateful if you could ‘like’, comment on, and share my posts.  There will soon be the option to subscribe to the blog, enabling you to receive alerts for either ALL of the posts as soon as they are posted or a monthly round-up that doesn’t clog up your inbox.  However, just like everything else at the moment, that service is a work in progress – so if you want to be alerted once subscription becomes available please drop me a quick email to  You can also use that email address or the ‘contact page’ to submit questions, blog topic requests and any feedback on the new design or things you want to see from me.

I hope that you will continue to support both me and the blog – and help to build it back up to become the resource it once was.

It’s great to be back

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  • Sam Osbourne
    Posted at 11:14h, 26 February Reply

    Welcome back!

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