How much life can change in a month (COVID-19)

A month ago, I was passionately ready to be involved in Eating Disorder Awareness Week and with great plans for the blogging content I was intending to post, both during that week, and beyond.  However, it was also during that same week the reality of the COVID-19 epidemic started to set in for me, when an event I was set to speak at moved locations due to a partial school closure.  My focus shifted from ED Awareness Week to considering what I might need to do to protect my clients, and myself, should the virus continue to spread….  Which of course, as we now know, it did.

So, here I am a couple of weeks further along and having posted zero content.  It has seemed out of place to write about ED research when the world is coping with the immense and overwhelming reality of what is now a pandemic and with what seems like half the world on lockdown.

I’m left wondering – what is it appropriate to post?  I’m certainly grateful when something pops up in my emails or on social media that ISNT about the pandemic, but I don’t want to just ignore what is happening.  So, essentially, I have decided that I will do whatever my readers want me to do!

Should I pause the blog until life returns to something that resembles normality, or post content about mental health as it pertains to COVID-19, isolation, and everything that entails, or carry on with my planned content?

If you are reading this and want to see blogs from me at this time, then please comment, send me an email, or reach out to me on social media with any topic, opinions, or questions that you might have.

Until my next post I hope that you are staying as safe as you possible can.

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