Lockdown funk and ICED 2020

Lockdown funk and ICED 2020

I last posted all the way back in April pondering on what I might blog about given that the Covid-19 Pandemic had taken over our lives, and wondering whether I should pause my content for a while. As it turns out I did “pause” my content and I’ve barely been present on social media in these last two months…. However, it was more of a self-care choice than it was a choice specifically regards wondering if people wanted to read about Eating Disorders in these unusual times.

Life happens. Yes even to Therapists’! As Covid-19 pushed us into lockdown and it seemed like the majority of other people were using their time to catch up on work, do odd jobs, or take up a new hobby I found myself caring for someone close to me when they came out of hospital in early April. When I mixed that with my therapy practice – which now means seeing clients online and thus staring at a computer screen for additional hours every day – my only priority in my ‘down time’ became self-care; making sure I had enough rest, some time in the sun, and some time not sat at my computer. Even on the days there was something I might have been keen to write about I just felt in a bit of a writing funk, with my attention elsewhere. So, as much as I was filled with enthusiasm when the blog relaunched in late February these last few months really haven’t gone quite to plan….and y’know what… THAT’S OKAY!

I am also aware there are a few website features not working / that need some fine tuning – and I will get to that just as soon as time allows.

So, that essentially brings you back up to date on where I have been, and why there hasn’t been any posts and I am hoping that that’s about to change. Tomorrow (11th June 2020) is the beginning of the International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED 2020). I wasn’t actually planning on attending this year, however, due to the pandemic instead of being on the literal other side of the world the conference is now happening entirely online. I am therefore hoping to partake in as many sessions as possible, and, time and brain space allowing perhaps write some blog posts about what I am learning, or at the very least be putting a few posts out via Twitter and Instagram. I say “hoping” because, life is still pretty changeable and I want to ease back into the swing of things – no pressure.

If you are interested in attending ICED 2020 online then its not too late to book your place via in the Academy for Eating Disorders website – and, if you are late to this blog post and have missed any of the sessions my understanding is that they are being recorded and will be available online to watch (or watch again!).

I hope that everyone reading this is staying safe, and also taking care of their needs in amidst the pandemic – and I hope to see you interacting with my content soon.

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