Eating Disorder CPD? What services we currently offer, and where we are going next

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I’ve had a few enquiries since the last post asking when I will be offering public Eating Disorder CPD events and what that will look like (i.e. online or in person).  So, today I wanted to take some time to give a little bit of an update on what is going on behind the scenes here at MHB HQ, what services we are currently offering, and where we are going next.

Since the onset of the pandemic EVERYTHING has felt a little bit topsy turvy for me and my business.  If you read my blog relaunch post, then you will know that when Covid-19 swept the country, I just stopped education-based work – I cancelled any planned events, I took down the blog, I just stopped.  I did continue to see therapy clients, of course, but it didn’t feel possible to do sufficient forward planning in terms of the other services we supply.  Honestly, it still feels pretty challenging.  There is still a great amount of uncertainty.  However, of one thing I am certain – there is a need for this work – for more education on Eating Disorders.  This is especially so, given the huge surge is people help seeking for Eating Disorder-type concerns in this past 18 months.

So, I am slowly getting back to it.  

We are currently able to offer all of our previously available in-house Eating Disorder training online.  This means that if you and your colleagues, staff or students want to learn more about Eating Disorders and are happy to learn via zoom, then you can get in touch at any time to discuss your needs and book an event.  We are actually able to offer these sessions slightly cheaper online than we were when face-to-face, due to there being no travel costs involved.  We have pre-written part day, and full day sessions suitable for trainee and qualified Counsellors, Psychotherapists, GP’s, Nurses, Teachers and other similar professionals. Bespoke programs tailored to your needs are also available.

In terms of public face-to-face CPD events, I’m not really sure if or when we will get back to running those.  I wonder if, now that people have got more comfortable and more used to the idea of events being online, whether this will become the norm? I know many people find online events more accessible due to the lack of need to travel and as this often means events can be offered more cheaply, this is also quite an incentive.

We don’t currently have any public CPD events running online.  We have run a few and they’ve been well attended (thank you), but I appreciate that many people have done such a lot of online introductory level CPD events this past 18months and so we’re cooling off until around spring time.  When they become available, they will be advertised here and via my CPD mailing list (subscribe by clicking the subscribe button on the right of this post).

Beyond our traditional one and two day ‘Understanding Eating Disorders’ events, I know that many subscribers are looking for something more; a more advanced programme of education around working with those with Eating Disorders.  This is something I have been working on for some time and have had a few false starts.  I’ve had a University pick up and then drop the idea, a programme planned with a college that didn’t end up panning out and a few conversations about endorsing a Diploma level type course.

With so many ‘almost’ happenings, I’ve ended up holding back and pausing for a while.  I absolutely still want to offer such a course (and I’ve written it more than once!) but I’ve not yet found the best way forward.  Given several variations to the plans, it’s difficult to know – how much do people want?  Can we offer what people want at an affordable price?  Online or in person?  A full course with assignments and community?  Or should we offer just the education, take it and go?  Should it be endorsed by a university, a professional body, or just by myself?  Each of these options has financial implications, time implications and course material implications.

I think there is more to consider than perhaps people who don’t develop training themselves realise.  Especially given that Eating Disorder education is limited, so there is no benchmark or pre-set requirements.  When I put my name to something, I want it to be the best incarnation of the course it can be….and, it will be!  Soon, I hope.  I’d be more than happy to hear your feedback on my questions in the comments, or in the form or an email.  I’d even be open to getting a focus group together and be glad to offer discounts to those who participate.

With regards to other services, I have SO MANY IDEAS!  

Some of these ideas are being worked on behind the scenes as we speak, and some are just inked on my whiteboard waiting for the right moment.  Educational or support subscriptions, group supervision, podcast, resources, online conference.  I have too many ideas to write them all here – and I don’t want to get any hopes up only for an idea not to become a reality.  So, if there is something you want to see from me (and would be willing to buy into) then LET ME KNOW in the comments, or in an email.  If I don’t know what you are interested in, I might give priority to the wrong projects.

In the mean time you can continue to learn from the free posts here, and on my YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe, comment, like and share.  This tells me that you are interested and taking value from what I’m doing – and also tells the good old internet algorithms this too.

In terms of therapeutic services, I am currently fully booked for Counselling clients and regular Supervisees.  However, I can offer one off and ad-hoc Eating Disorder specific supervision and consultation.  I am also continuing to stay involved in research and always love hearing about your projects.  So, please do keep in touch!


  1. Dianne Simonds

    Some great ideas here Kel. I would be most interested in a higher level course and would totally be up to being in a focus group. Whatever you pitch your pricing at then I’m sure it will be fair, Having been one of those people who felt that I didn’t need to do your old level 1 training, as I’d already done an introductory course with, what ultimately turned out to be a far inferior provider Which ultimately left me thinking that I ‘knew’ Eating Disorders and that your initial course was unnecessary – how wrong could I have been.

    • Kel_MHB

      Hi Dianne, Thanks for your responce. I’m glad you find our level 1 workshop to be helpful to you. I know you attended ‘in person’ – would you want to attend in person again, or would you be happy with a course being online? Hope you are safe and well.


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