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Today I just wanted to post a little bit of an update / announcement about plans for this site in the coming weeks and months. If you are following my posts avidly then you may have noticed that I am currently posting one blog (usually on a Tuesday) and one video (usually on a Friday) each week.

If you are subscribed to the blog mailing list you should be getting emails to alert you each time I post (if you aren’t they are likely falling into your junk box!). I know that some people do find this a little much, and so we also provide the option of a monthly roundup newsletter. This would mean receiving just one email towards the end of each month with a list of that months content titles and links to those posts. In order to change which emails you receive all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of a mailing list email from me, where you will find a link to change your preferences or unsubscribe. Please note this page is currently being updated but is still functional.

We have been posting a pretty consistent amount of content (twice a week) since the site relaunch 6 or so weeks ago – but this frequency of content has largely been about starting to get the website repopulated. If you are not already aware a while back I had a website mishap and all of my old content was lost – you can read about that by heading to THIS post.

As the website starts to build back up, I will be gradually adjusting the types and frequency of the content I post here. The first change is coming in around one month. Starting at Christmas time I will NO LONGER BE POSTING YOUTUBE VIDEOS HERE! This also means that you will no longer be receiving weekly emails from me to alert you to video / YouTube content. If you are interested in the video content I am producing (and I hope you are) then you need to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Just in case you aren’t familiar you can do this on my YouTube channel page HERE, or below any video I post. Once subscribed my videos will show up in your YouTube subscription feed. You can also press the little bell icon to get an actual notification (it pops up in the right-hand corner when you are on YouTube).

I am aware some subscribers are not usually YouTube users, but fear not, I have thought about that too! I WILL continue to list video / YouTube content in the monthly roundup newsletter.

To coincide with this change I am anticipating to slow down a little on the frequency of what I collectivly post – but that plan is a little less concrete. I will likely announce that via the newsletter, and also Twitter (@Kel_MHB) when (if) I have a firmer plan.

I hope this covers all the bases – giving people the option to access the type of content they prefer (text, video or both), via a method they prefer (email notifications, or not) and also works well for me.

As always, I welcome constructive feedback

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for letting us know about the impending changes – and I love the idea of the monthly round-up, which will keep me informed without being overwhelmed. Anne, Radlett


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