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A handful of weeks ago, over on my social media accounts, I reshared some of Beat’s (the UK ED Charity) social media posts announcing the release of their FREE online Eating Disorder training for GP’s.  At the time I thought resharing the content was enough to reach the majority of those who follow me online, and I didn’t think it necessitated a blog post.  However, it turned out I was wrong!  In the weeks since then I’ve had a handful of conversations with folks who I’ve directed to the training and who have said to me “Is this posted on your blog?” or “Don’t forget to post it on your blog”.  So, here I am rectifying the oversight, be that for those who don’t follow me on social media, those that simply missed the post, or those who want a tiny bit more information.

So, just to recap, Beat have launched some FREE online Eating Disorder training for GP’s as a response to campaigns earlier in the year highlighting the lack of education on this topic that is available to Doctors (and medical students).

The training – written in conjunction with NHS England – is an online short course of around 1 hour.  Beat describes it as “a two-step course that equips all UK GP surgeries with the knowledge needed to spot the signs of an eating disorder — and to make life-changing interventions”.

Although 1 hour sounds pretty short to me, I am really aware that this type of training needs to be short and to the point in order for GP’s (en masse) to have the time to take part.  Plus, 1 hours’ worth of good information is better than no knowledge at all, and is WAY better the wrong information.  So, it is another step in the right direction, I think.

Now – this is where you come in.  Beat needs as many people as possible to reach out to their GP surgery and make them aware of the training, and encourage them to take part.  To access a letter template to help you to do this CLICK HERE (and then scroll to the bottom). 

If you have a great response from your GP surgery (or you are a GP reading this) and they want to learn MORE, I think it is worth mentioning that I do also offer training for GP’s and the wider Primary Care Team on the topic of Eating Disorder Education.  My workshops are live and in a longer form (3-4 hours) and if you want more information, you are always welcome to email me.  Personally, I feel this 1 hour’s free training should be just the beginning.

Go on, go get that letter template and ask your GP to get EDucated!


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