Join us for World Eating Disorder Action Day 24

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Today, I want to bring your attention to an upcoming one-hour lunchtime workshop with OnlineEvents. Commemorating World Eating Disorders Action Day 2024, this year’s theme, “Let’s unite for recovery, hope, and science in the fight against EDs,” is one close to my heart.

As regular readers will be aware, my journey in the field of Eating Disorders has been driven by a commitment to raise awareness and support recovery – both of which this session encapsulates. This event will be an opportunity for us to delve into the essence of recovery – what does it look like? How do I know it’s attainable? Is there REALLY hope?

One important and sensitive topic that I plan to touch on during the session is ‘terminal anorexia.’ This term refers to cases where the Eating Disorder has progressed to a point where recovery feels almost impossible. It’s a challenging subject, but it’s crucial to address in our quest for understanding and supporting all paths to recovery.

I believe that by fostering optimism and instilling belief in the recovery journey, we can make a significant impact on both practitioners and their clients. This event is not just about sharing knowledge – it’s about connecting with fellow professionals and igniting a collective sense of hope. It’s about coming together to deepen our understanding of recovery within the realm of Eating Disorders treatment.

Mark your calendars for June 2nd, and let’s make this World Eating Disorders Action Day a memorable and impactful one. I look forward to seeing you there and embarking on this important journey together.

Until next time, take care, and spread kindness.



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