About MHB

MHB history

‘Mental Health Bites’ was created by me (Kel O’Neill) in 2016. At the time I had been running Eating Disorder Awareness Workshops nationally for some years and providing a quarterly newsletter as a way to keep previous attendees up to date, both with my work and the news and research being released in the Eating Disorder field.

Always keen to hear people’s feedback and to grow with it, in mid-2016 we outgrew the newsletter format and I released my very first blog post.

Award nominations

I never expected to reach big audiences so when ‘Mental Health Bites’ was nominated for a ‘UK Blog Award’ in 2017, I was really pleased to know my content was proving meaningful to people. By 2018, ‘Mental Health Bites’ was not only nominated once again for a ‘UK Blog Award’ but made it as a finalist along with some big names!

Given that Eating Disorders are some of the most stigmatised and misunderstood mental health illnesses, I was so thrilled to know people were reading and supporting my awareness-raising efforts.

Taking a break…

In 2019 I took down the blog for a planned re-vamp. Now that I was reaching bigger audiences I wanted ‘Mental Health Bites’ to really look the part. It was at that very same time that my own health meant I had to abandon the plans for the site and instead concentrate on myself for a while.

‘Mental Health Bites’ was left to be just an archival memory somewhere in the deep and dark recesses of the internet. Then an internet black hole disaster happened and all my old posts were lost.


I honestly wasnt sure if I would come back.

New beginnings

However, as 2020 began I was fully healed and ready to write. Unfortunatly, I  realunched and published just a few posts before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and I decided it wasnt really the right time.  I hope third time around, starting spring 2021, that I can once again bring the latest news and research concerning Eating Disorders and Mental Health to you in bite-size, easy to understand posts.

This blog can continue to re-grow and thrive once again – but only with the interest and interaction of its followers. I hope that you will join with me, ask questions, use the comment section, like and share posts and support my attempts to interest, inform and educate anyone who will listen about Eating Disorders!

More details on events and training

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