About Mental Health Bites

MHB History

Mental Health Bites’ was created by me (Kel O’Neill) in 2016. At the time I had been running Eating Disorder Awareness Workshops nationally for some years and providing a quarterly newsletter as a way to keep previous attendees up to date, both with my work and the news and research being released in the Eating Disorder field.

Always keen to hear people’s feedback and to grow with it, in mid-2016 we outgrew the newsletter format and I released my very first blog post.

Award Nominations

I never anticipated reaching a wide audience, so when ‘MHB’ received a nomination for a ‘UK Blog Award’ in 2017, I was thrilled to learn that my content held meaning for people. By 2018, the blog not only secured another nomination for a ‘UK Blog Award’ but also emerged as a finalist, sharing the spotlight with prominent names!

Given the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding Eating Disorders, the recognition affirmed that people were not only reading but actively supporting my efforts to raise awareness.

Taking a break…

In 2019 I took down the blog for a planned re-vamp. Now that I was reaching bigger audiences I wanted ‘MHB’ to really look the part. Unfortunately this plan had to be side-lined when my I met some personal health difficulties.

‘Mental Health Bites’ was left to be just an archival memory somewhere in the deep and dark recesses of the internet. Then an internet black hole mishap resulted in me loosing all of the old posts.

I honestly wasn’t sure if I would come back.

The return

Despite the setbacks, the need for a platform like ‘Mental Health Bites’ persisted. Recognising that the conversation around Eating Disorders is far from over, and with a renewed sense of purpose, I have returned, bringing back both the ‘Mental Health Bites’ blog and an accompanying YouTube channel. Your ongoing support, through engagement, comments, post sharing, and topic suggestions, is vital. Your input fuels the growth of this project and helps to make sure more people are Eating Disorder aware.