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Chances are you have already heard of Beat, the UK’s leading Eating Disorder Charity. Well, I’ve been an Ambassador of theirs for almost 15 years and I wanted to dedicate a post to some of the support services they offer. I’m always surprised when I hear from potential client’s who are not aware of the support Beat can offer them. So, perhaps pin this post and share the details with your own contacts and clients.

The Helpline:

Beat’s helpline is open 365 days a year (yes, you read that correctly) and is manned by wonderful staff who can offer support, information, and sign post and help you to make sense of what help might be available. The helpline is for those with an Eating Disorder as well as their supporters (parents, partners, etc) and the hours they are available were recently expanded too.

  • 0808 801 0677 – England
  • 0808 801 0434 – N. Ireland
  • 0808 801 0432 – Scotland
  • 0808 801 0433 – Wales

Support for those with Eating Disorders:

The Sanctuary” – An online chat based support group for anyone living with an Eating Disorders. Launched during the pandemic and running daily at 5pm.

Kingfisher” – Support group for those affected by Bulimia and facilitated by the wonderful Beat staff. Runs on a Wednesday and Saturday at 6:45pm. Attend as often as you like.

Swan” – This support group is specifically for those with Anorexia and runs on a Monday and Thursday at 6:45pm. Drop in at any time, each week, or just occasionally.

Nightingale” – A support group for those living with Binge Eating. This group runs on Tuesday and Friday at 6:45pm.

Support for Careers:

The Aviary” – FREE peer support online chat that runs every Sunday from 6:45pm to 8pm. You can take part totally anonymously giving and receiving support with those in similar situations. You can attend as a one off, drop in occasionally or attend every week. Whatever you need.

Solace” – Video based peer support group. This service runs at various different times subject to availability, with an 8 week commitment. The groups are led by a facilitator who will offer topics, information and support. You even get a session with an Ambassador who has themselves recovered from an Eating Disorder.

Echo” peer support telephone coaching – A weekly 30minute conversation for 8 weeks with a trained peer coach.  Coaches are trained to deliver the service and are themselves also people who have previously supported someone with an Eating Disorder; they know what it’s like.  This service is currently limited to certain locations within the UK so you will need to see if it’s available for you.

Developing Dolphins” – a free to access online course for those caring for someone with Anorexia or Bulimia. The course is based on the New Maudsley Method to help gives you skills to support your loved one. The commitment here is 5 x 2.5hour sessions.

Raising Resilience” – A series of online workshops delivered by an experienced Eating Disorder clinician with focus on supporting your loved one at meal times and at each step of the recovery process. Again 5 weeks x 2.5hour session.

If you’ve had (or heard) something positive about any of Beat’s services listed here you can share the love by leaving a comment below. You can leave comments totally anonymously if you prefer.


  1. Beth C

    This is helpful. Thank you.

  2. Shelly

    How wonderful to have all these free services available – but what’s with all the politically correct group names ?

    • Kel_MHB

      Ha! I hadn’t really given it much thought. Maybe there was a specific reason, or maybe they were just looking for something mild as a way to differentiate between them without saying ‘the anorexia group’ etc. Whatever the reason I’m sure it doesnt make any difference to the service delivery.

      I wonder if you have any thoughts of what might have been a better way to name things? I know thats something we always struggle with here too!


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