Eating Disorders and social media

by | 29 Oct 2021 | Eating Disorders, Videos | 2 comments

In today’s video I talk about the relationship between Eating Disorders and social media. In what ways can social media be triggering for people with eating disorder related difficulties? Let’s start to make social media a healthier place for us all.


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  1. Julie-Anne Probert

    Kel. I’m lucky enough to have seen lots of your one to one training, and I love it – but a bit like treating clients on line, your never sure how it will translate to the Internet. Well take it from me, your experience, humanity and compassion shine through and its a joy to listen to you sharing your knowledge.

    I can’t wait for all the new stuff you hand coming, both with John Wilson @ Onlinevents and also in-house.

    • Kel_MHB

      Thank you for the lovely feedback Julie-Anne. I know we don’t have any available courses at the moment but we are working hard behind the screen on ideas, plans and projects and I’m really hoping to keep using the power of the internet to stay connected.


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